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Ask-a-Brit: Royal Baby Day


-Amanda Holpuch:

It’s Royal Baby Day, when we Americans can sit back and enjoy the spectacle of a birth our tax dollars aren’t responsible for.

In celebration of this grand occasion, we at the Guardian US offices are offering an ask-a-Brit service: ask us a question about how babies are born in England - royal or not - and we will politely pester our British colleagues until we get an answer.

This is what we learned at today’s morning news conference:


• There is a thing in the UK called Wetting the Baby, where people get incredibly drunk to celebrate the birth of a baby. According to our sources, this is also known as “a normal Tuesday.”

• The US invented baby showers, the party when a group of people the mother-to-be sort-of knows give gifts to the unborn child. In the UK, it is customary to provide gifts after the baby is born, without a party.

• The royal baby is still less powerful than Blue Ivy Carter and North West.

Ask-a-Brit: If you would like more information on babies in England, click on the “request a translation” button above to ask a question and we will do our best to get an answer from an eye-rolling member of the commonwealth (we even have a Canadian!)

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