English to English

- Katie Rogers

Americans in the Guardian office have been riled up about the cronut for so long that we’re essentially cronut hipsters. Since the bakery that birthed the cronut is steps from the office, we happened upon them first, and now we’re over it. We agree that the crusty little things are delcious – we even made a milkshake out of one – but even we have our gluttonous limits. When used as a patty to hold meat and melted cheese, the cronut crosses the line from delicious trend to deviant foodstuff, so now we’re all making a big show about how disgusting it is. But I don’t don’t think we’re fooling anyone. I’d bet my last dollar that we’d be making cronut burgers in the privacy of our own homes if it were, in fact possible, to get our hands on a cronut without standing in a bakery line at 6am. 

Advantage: UK, for only having one photo out of seven photos in our super unhealthy fast food gallery, and for generally being too classy to participate in the cronut frenzy. (In the meantime, the rest of us are engaging in a Choose Your Death: food edition office vote. Happy to report fried butter on a stick is losing.) 

Photos (top to bottom): Courtesy of Le Dolci, Facebook, Rawdon Wyatt, Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images