English to English

The Christmas food battle is on, and we need you to fight.


– Erin McCann

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good family squabble – preferably one that involves mom tossing a ham out a window, shattered ornaments underfoot and probably a good dose of alcohol. 

With that in mind, we at English to English offer this gift to our US and UK families: the 2013 Christmas dinner brackets. There are so many things we love about both of our cultures that deciding who has the best Christmas is, frankly, not something we’re able to do. And so we leave it up to you to fight it out for us. 

And now, the categories:


From the UK: mulled wine (we do have mulled wine in America, but it’s not nearly at the saturation point that it is in the UK)

From the US: eggnog (This doesn’t seem like a fair fight, does it?) 


From the UK: Christmas pudding (one really can’t go wrong with brandy and sugar)

From the US: candy canes (sorry, England, but can YOUR dessert also serve as a tree ornament? Didn’t think so)

More desserts (you can never have enough dessert)

From the UK: Christmas cake (it’s basically fruitcake covered in marzipan)

From the US: Fruitcake (it’s basically a Christmas cake, minus the marzipan)


From the UK: Bacon chipolatas (how have sausages wrapped in bacon not been claimed by America yet?)

From the US: Pigs in a blanket (because we already wrap our sausages with pastry, that’s why)

Treats left for Santa

From the UK: carrots (for Rudolph), mince pies, and whiskey

From the US: carrots (for Rudolph), sugar cookies, and milk

(again, we know, this hardly seems a fair fight)

Time to vote! Check back next week when we reveal the winners and fight over the leftovers.