English to English

On the British Springsteen


– Erin McCann

Yesterday, we asked you to ponder what may be an impossible question: can there be a British Springsteen? Is there someone whose musical career screams “ENGLISH!” the way the Boss’s is so undeniably American? 

I’m back today with an update on your suggestions. 

Paul McCartney: the clear choice of Guardian US news editors. He was a Beatle, after all. 

Morrissey: as arrived at by the following conversation: 

"We don’t express pride, we express misery."

"So Morrissey, then." 

James Blunt: suggested twice on Twitter, and I think only one of them was kidding. 

David Bowie: He may seem a spaceman, but he was born in Brixton

Joe Strummer: Ok, good choice, I see what’s going on here. Certainly as a nation, you should be proud to call him your own. 

Elton John: a suggestion that led to a near-violent disagreement on the difference between “pop star” and “rock star”.

And finally: 

Billy Bragg: by number of votes, the winner, actually. 

There’s plenty of room for debate here. Who are we missing? Who should we cross off?